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Aaron Night Delivers an Absorbingly Touching, Warm, and Easily Accessible Tune Dubbed “Through It All”

Welcome to the universe “Aaron night” – a universe that was built from the ground up and the inception stage saw him as a young boy with an insatiable passion for music and who wanted to color his universe with so much music that all those who lived with him would take notice and marvel at such authentic passion and dedication. Amongst his most loyal cheerleaders was his mom who not only encouraged him through words but played an active role in nurturing that talent by playing backup guitarist during those family gatherings as Aaron delivered his show-stopping vocal performances and killed those gatherings with his dedicated and energetic performances! You wouldn’t dare tell him anything back then!

Aaron Night finds himself shattering the noise with his most recent string of releases. Debuting in 2021, “Flares”, penned by famed songwriter Ryan Tedder, quickly climbed Music Week’s UK Pop Charts Top #10 in no time while simultaneously hitting #11 in Germany’s Dance Charts. Topping out big names like Zara Larsson and Jason Derulo, Aaron has begun carving out his mark in the international market.

He has now decided to make a career out of music and is set to take listeners on an affluently splendorous musical rollercoaster over the next decade with his ingenious creations and youthful charm to top it up! His latest release “Through it all” is a personal and touching melodious track that speaks of his own experiences through the pandemic which weighed heavily on him; all sorts of insecurities and mental challenges bombard him threatening to swallow him alive but in the end, he emerged a victor and this is a triumphant song and a true testimony that we can crawl out of our darkest phases, unfazed and never look back.

The melody is built from the ground up with the delightful guitar riffs being accompanied by the poppy bass rhythm that is stoic and drives the track astoundingly as the guitar tones engage in an intriguingly magical moment of call and response glamour with Aaron’s refreshingly-polished male vocals that are delicate, intimate and powerful at the same time. His sense of phrasing and passionate delivery will speak to the most delicate parts of your heart.

There is that sense of unpredictability added especially where the joyous and exhilarating rock percussion elements culminate in the chorus sucking a listener into a stupor with the catchiness, intensity, and earthiness! And listening to this song, again and again, it sticks in your mind and rewires your neural networks into the intentions of the song so that as the track plays, it beeps images of a conqueror associated with the message behind the lyrics.

“Through it all” will make its mark time and time again and Aaron is well on the right track to a fulfilling music career it will be interesting to see the heights he will scale! 

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