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LA-based Mix and Mastering Engineer Austin Seltzer’s latest work on Layto’s “War” is sound design at its finest!

Los Angeles-based mixing and mastering engineer Austin Seltzer is seeking to leave an indelible print on that side of the music business with his brilliant showmanship, which is the glue that has been sticking together so many countless records, making them spicy and earworming. His role in music is sort of similar to the role of salt or cooking ingredients in food; without them; you end up with some tasteless edibles that leave a distasteful feeling in your mouth. Austin Seltzer is the secret recipe to music that makes them come out fully realized and ear-grabbing- otherwise what you get is just directionless music with everything and anything that is bound to come out of it is nothing more than incredibly expensive studio noise!

In an industry where the roles of mixing and mastering engineers are vastly and criminally underlooked and undervalued, Austin Seltzer, via his own company, ‘Seltzer Sounds’ is hoping to change the narrative with his unbeatable skillset and ingenuity, all in the service of music. Austin’s indelible imprint has been stamped on countless recordings, from up-and-coming artists to some of the most successful and legendary artists, and he is still raring to go until his work makes its way onto the #Billboard 100.

What Austin does in Layto’s “War” cannot be replicated. By committing so impressively and effortlessly to the mixing and mastering of this certified banger from an already successfully vetted artist of Layto’s stature, Austin is able to engineer this into a ridiculous soundscape that is admirable in its ambition and absolutely insane in its execution!

This track is highly manicured with an expensive blend of rhythm, melody, and vocals—all attractively mixed and mastered with the highest of standards to ensure that it translates everywhere—from the comfort of your home to the glistening dance floor of a smoky nightclub somewhere in the thick of an exotic city!

To experience this impeccable distillation of staggering artistry from one Mix aficionado, Austin; follow the attached link and relish the experience!

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