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Bakr Alhashemi, a Young Prodigious Iraqi Artist Delivers an Emotional Classic Ballad Titled “Don’t Go Back”

Accepting the grand call to raise the standard by which he influenced others with the scale of his talent; the young and prodigious achiever who goes by the name Bakr Alhashemi an Iraqi recording artist, singer-songwriter, music composer, and a virtuosic sound engineer is here to fulfill his mission! He brings emotional ballads right through the ambiance of your living room with the proficiently created melodies that mix and blend some hypnotizing sounds and are escorted to glorious musical spaces via his adrenaline-rushing vocals that come out purely and refined to capture the mind of a listener like a magnetic spark! His impressive discography is well documented on his socials and by following him, you get a chance to interact with his work of creativity one on one. He is swiftly climbing the ladder of success and achievement and with his hardwork, talent, resiliency and inimitable determination, he is certain to build a name for himself as an Iraqi superstar and astonish the music world all at the same time!

The ballad “Don’t Go Back” is now available on YouTube and it is a special edition with the melodious classic washing over a listener right from the first note as the deft swing of the guitar  strings pulled with undeniable adroitness pulls a listener’s heart with it! The endearing mash of the guitar swing, the piano oscillations and some bass rhythms to bring the sound to a firm euphony takes a listener on an endlessly dazzling journey through some mystical spaces that you never knew existed.

All this glamour is complemented by his meticulously polished male vocals that create a cadence of their own in that sweet Arabic-like language and to give so much intrigue to this short and remarkably sweet ballad is the high quality expressive and eye-catching anime video that embellishes this track- acting as the perfect complement in both symbolism and storyline!

The video is beautiful, emotional, so passionate, powerful and blending perfectly with the whole melody. This is simply an impressive, delicate and sophisticated singing accompanied with a mesmerizing orchestration and seeing the perfect anime along with the music makes it all the more enjoyable! It is like a cocktail of Ella Mai and Chris Brown’s body of work all served in one strikingly mouth-watering rhythmus dish! Follow the attached link, subscribe to his YouTube channel and let “Don’t Go Back” take control over you for a mere minute!

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