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Electronic music producer BlackJacketBoys takes a listener through that “Leap of Faith” that is brimming with style and authenticity!

Sensational and otherworldly are the words that come up every time I think about what I have just listened in, “Leap of Faith”; – and to think that this is the direction BlackJacketBoys alias BJB wants to take with his music;- a very peak into his artistry, I feel like the world is not even ready for such musical greatness that more than anything has a universal appeal that reaches the core of emotional and physical satisfaction!

I am not particularly well-versed with the nitty-gritty of electronic music production, but I know what I experienced in “Leap of Faith”: this is a fully realized and detail-oriented arrangement. I can still feel that consistent electronic percussion playing repeatedly in my head!

There is a careful balance of specific EDM genres and their equivalent subgenres- the charming intro features a striking hip hop-like melodicism with pop accessibility and as the tune gains ground, BJB experiments with the dubstep formula and sensitive progression masked by the invigorating deep house drops that just transcends. Intriguingly, there is that brilliant contrast that comes out like call and response between the more vibrant and the more mellow tones—it’s just mind-blowing!

I just have to give BlackJacketBoys his flowers for authenticating an incomparable soundscape as this- I have listened to countless EDM, house music and dubstep-flavored music but there is a uniqueness to the vibe here- that unique blend is just nothing like I have experienced before.

“Leap of Faith” is actually the first single off of BJB’s upcoming “Sellout” album, which is expected to officially drop on June 1, 2023.

A highlight of the new direction he is taking as a producer, there is so much to look forward to from this experienced virtuoso who feels like he has finally found his feat and is running away with it!

To experience what originality feels like; follow the attached link and let “Leap of Faith” infuse your listening days.

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