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Move, Blight Mind is here and is promising to be bigger and better!

Sometimes artists just get into the studio and let their vulnerability loose, singing about their own lives—the painful experiences as much as the triumphant ones….such an artist is Blight Mind; based out of Upstate NY, his music has been like an open diary for listeners battling all sorts of emotional turmoil or just those who want a good listen that jolts you back to reality so fast and so beautifully that there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Blight Mind has always been unapologetically himself, and that is what makes his music so special. His unrestrained passion for crafting music that resonates with everyone is evident in each of his tracks, and his dedication to his craft is truly inspiring.

What sets this musician and storyteller apart from other artists and rappers is his authenticity. He has never been shy about sharing his personal experiences and emotions in his music, and that is what makes his songs so relatable. Whether it is a song about love, heartbreak, or just having a good time, Blight Mind’s music speaks to listeners on a deep and personal level.

I consider him more than just a rapper; his innate competency to transform real-life stories into beautiful webs of relatable meaning is the mark of an accomplished songwriter.

2023 is the year he promises will be bigger than most; he has taken some time to hone his sound, both lyrically and sonically, and this is the direction he wants to take both as a rapper and a songwriter.

Blight Mind feels that the world is not even ready for the kind of musical excellence he is about to unleash and which will continue connecting to audiences on deeper and more personal levels.

You are now just in time to experience the grand reinvention of one of the most phenomenally gifted artists I have ever listened to as he seeks to solidify his legacy through a trailblazing career that will be built on timeless masterpieces.

As we wait for him to strike, you can take a tour of his impressive catalog, which also features his latest emotional and angst-fueled single, “Close to Lose” which is the best tune to lose steam to.

Follow Blight Mind everywhere to stay on top of his upcoming works and be part of this history-making journey he is about to set out on!

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