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The phenomenal music producer C0D3 7’s “Intervention” is sound design achieved right and a testament to his brilliant production expertise.

It is always great to experience artists who still hold authenticity in high regard when it comes to their creation process. One such artist is the incredibly gifted music producer C0D3 7 (alias Cody Steinmann), who has maintained artistic integrity, emotional depth, and originality with his music. His style has been inspired by a wide range of factors, and he is someone who obviously likes to honor the very foundation great music was built on. That is why he takes cues from the golden age before him, imbuing it with his own inventive flair to create music that is felt deep in the soul. With a classic blend of jazz, soul, and hip-hop that extends to rock and metal, there is no musical genre that C0D3 7 restricts himself to. At the end of the day, he does not want to believe there is no place he can’t go creatively, nor does he want the listener to feel that.

Having just listened to his magnificent production, dubbed “Intervention”, I find my respect for him deepening even further. Featuring upcoming rap aficionados Bensap Grimm and Israel, this track embodies both catchiness and timelessness.

The production merits critical acclaim. The intro is smooth and mellow and sets such a gentle tone to the music, and as the song gains momentum, C0D3 7 does his magical things, capturing the spirit of old school hip-hop with expressive finesse.

What you get is a beat that is gentle yet powerful, and one that hits you right in the feels. It would be a disservice to try and pin this production under just rap, as I feel it extends into the kind of roots sound that jazz and soul exude, and that is what gives it such an extensive appeal.

This has always been the beauty of C0D3 7’s productions; they are not direct but still have that instant appeal that cuts across genre definitions and conventions.

It was only right that with such an exemplary production as the backdrop, the emcees just had to bring their A-game and they do!

To experience this masterpiece, follow the attached link, and if you enjoy the music, consider becoming a devoted C0D3 7 fan and recommending his work to your friends.



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