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Electronic Dance Music Record Producer, Songwriter, and DJ Cailo Delivers an Enchanting New Release Dubbed “Dreams.”

Cailo’s musical style is as varied and layered as her own life. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, this multitalented producer, songwriter, and DJ has cultivated a unique and distinct sound around the EDM sound sphere that has earned her a loyal following amongst dance music devotees. She is most known for her sick beats backed by raw lyricism and gritty production. Her undeniable presence always delights her listeners. Her sound and style are a perfect fit to be real, rare, and transformative, and they are ones that allow their listeners to take refuge in them and seek sanctuary.

As has always been her tradition, Cailo’s music is built around real-life themes that are personal and close to her. That is no different with her latest masterpiece, “Dreams,” which was released on her birthday, March 3rd.

The dazzling instrumentation is complemented well by the enchanting female vocal, which is soulful, and captivating, and sings deep into the listener’s heart. It is actually what gives this track that entrancing combination of vitality and glamour, as well as a spellbinding anthemic spark.

This is an upbeat, catchy, and energetic EDM, an electro-pop track that carries all the elements of an electronic-infused song that is sure to resonate with music listeners across the globe. The mix is first-rate for fashioning a crisp and polished sound that highlights the strength of the song.

At its heart, “Dreams” reflects the thoughts of someone seemingly tired of the world as it is and only wishes to disappear to the ends of the earth where no one knows their name or who they are and start over again…you can call it a wild thought that most of us have lived through at one (or many) point(s) in our life (s)!

Everything works in perfect harmony with one another to create a radiant body of work that achieves what it was meant to. “Dreams” once more displays Cailo’s musicianship and keen ear for sound design.

This is bold, potent, ear candy, and a radio staple all in one, and I’d hate it were you to miss out on such an impeccable distillation of musical excellence as this. Follow the attached link and just relish—you deserve this kind of music, and I know you do!

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