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Up-and-coming electronic dance music producer and artist CALISTETIK marks his debut with a soul-reaching, high-energy masterpiece dubbed “Live Forever”

After attending a live concert back in 2015, a certain kind of interest in euphoric, dance-inspired music was sparked inside of CALISTETIK which saw him go on a passion-fueling quest to be able to transfer that kind of live energy into music. After years of privately honing his craft, he is now emerging and ready to share with the music world that eccentrically charged electronic dance music just like they remember it, and what a start with that high-content energy track; “Live Forever!”

From the word go, the instrumentation jumps at its listener with a breathtaking blend of rhythm and melody, exuding its potent, bold presence. The dazzling instrumentation is complemented exceptionally well with the incorporation of an enchanting male vocal that’s soulful and captivating as he sings straight into your heart and soul!

The production in this masterpiece is stupendous as CALISTETIK, with a hands-on approach, goes on to create a radiant soundscape that displays his musicianship and keen ear for sound design. A lively EDM and electro-pop track that carries all the elements of an electronic-infused song, “Live Forever” is sure to resonate with music listeners across the globe.

“Live Forever” has actually gotten off to unanimous acclaim; it already has over 4.8K Spotify streams in such a short period…for a start, this is such an impressive feat for CALISTETIK who has his whole future ahead of him to continue astonishing the dance music world with his musical gifts.

Listening through to this masterpiece, I couldn’t help but get drawn back to the peak of electronic dance music in the early 2010s, and I feel like aficionados like the Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Tiësto and the late Avicii would certainly approve of this masterpiece!

There is so much to look forward to from this diversely talented, seemingly unstoppable, energetic artist whose career is about to skyrocket.

“Live Forever” is now streaming on all popular platforms; follow the attached link and make sure you add this banger to your playlist ASAP!

Follow CALISTETIK everywhere to be part of this awe-inspiring musical journey, and let his dynamic creativity and passion inspire you to also go for what you love!

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