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Carl Adams’ new “Disentranced” EP is absolutely brimming with poise and flair!

Carl Adams’ creative career spans a number of disciplines: composer, multi-instrumentalist, and multi-genre musician. As a multifaceted artist, Adams has always focused on creating music that is incredibly diverse and hard to pin down. He always loves to dive deeper into groundbreaking and innovative sonic aesthetics, and in the process, he gets to set the bar higher in terms of versatility and focus.

Right now, the moment and attention belong to Carl Adams and his new EP “Disentranced“- a 3-track masterclass, this is undeniably the impeccable distillation of ingenious artistry and progressive sound mechanics. An instrumental body of work that is just as seamless as it is original, a listener is bound to have a feast with this one as they savor the over 11 minutes of surreal listening experience.

The whole collection features high-energy tracks with filtered synths, live organic instruments, bass, and electronic percussion, with the electronic drums and loops added to the mix to give it a more hip-hop and pop sonic elegance—more like a progressive hip-hop heart with a pop mind. What you are bound to notice is the skillful integration of the somewhat soothing ambient pads to crown the rhythm sections of the various tunes.

It did not escape my attention how the tracks start in a seemingly laid-back but inviting sense before transcending with the unusual note phrasings and distinctive hip-hop overtones, making this EP more avant-garde without necessarily losing its immediacy.

As if preparing your mind and soul for transcendence, “The Ideal & the Initiative” feels like the ideal embodiment of sound design and classical music. Once the vibrant tones jet off, there is no going back. This track is just epic, thrilling, and exceptionally fascinating. Lovingly arranged, “The Ideal & the Initiative” features a consistent, memorable melody that would actually go well with a chorus if it was actually sung.

The powerfully unusual and expressive melodies feature a brilliant fusion of classic hip-hop energy and the spacious intimacy of modern pop. With each successive listening experience, this tune actually gets better!

The musical competence, experience, and artistic panache of Carl Adams give the track “Imperfect Sutures” a deep and vibrant life. While the title reads “Imperfect”, I can guarantee you that there is nothing defective about the melodies and rhythms unleashed here.

Hypnotic and haunting, there is a coherent amalgamation of the organic dance with a seemingly traditional hip-hop sonic aura, and as the track builds, there is an inescapable element of trap incandescence through heavy beats atop the consistently rhythmic and imposing percussion.

No matter how many times I have actually listened to this masterpiece, it just feels like more is not enough!

For some reason unbeknownst to me, the addictive vibe off of “An Eternal Reprieve” stays with its listener outside of this tune. I can still feel the beats attacking me fresh as I write this, and this truly is the mark of a stupendously produced masterpiece.

The versatile and passionate electronic percussion, coupled with irresistible riff-heavy drums, make for a unique and intensely cathartic musical experience. This is a standout potential chart topper that sees Carl bring a one-of-a-kind energy and build on the wave of momentum within this banger to engineer a faultlessly epic masterpiece.

The relentless pursuit of excellence unleashed throughout “Disentranced” is sure to leave an indelible impression on any listener. This is what timeless standards look and feel like, and it will further elevate Carl Adams to international acclaim!

To stream “Disentranced” in its entirety, follow the attached link and let this exquisite record infiltrate your playlist!

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