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Canadian-based folk/blues singer-songwriter Carl Lorusso Jr. has a new album, “Formerly Promising” out on all platforms

Carl Lorusso Jr., a widely acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter, is known for his affinity for the roots sound; competently blending the blues and folk sounds with such inventive finesse to come up with music that hits its listener right in the feels. Regarded as one of the top blues/folk artists of his generation, his collection of awards and accolades is a testament to his talent. He has been increasing the range of his cult following by making a name for himself internationally in the indie folk roots with his brilliant and bizarre creatures.

The artist channels his love for folk and live instrumentation into his new 12-track album, “Formerly Promising.” His witty approach to songwriting shines through as he explores themes of sobriety, mortality, and isolation, engaging listeners from the very first track.

“Formerly Promising” is an album that will form the soundtracks of so many listeners’ lives and empower their minds. As a self-motivated and inspired artist, Carl brings authenticity and witty lyricism back into the mainstream with this project. This is a creative and emotive musical masterpiece with nuances of stylistic caliber and roots immersed in lyrical diversity.

With tracks featuring captivating instrumentation and easily quotable lyrics, “Formerly Promising” is sure to have you tapping your feet and singing along joyfully.

If I were to choose one word to encapsulate this entire collection, it would be ‘character. This album is packed to the brim with charismatic and slightly edgy sets of tonality that let you really soak in the warmth and style that Lorusso gives off with his heartfelt performances.

There is an unmistakable degree of devotion and passion smeared throughout to make this really fun, emotive, and addicting form of roots music because it does not blindly stick to the standard cookie-cutter folk arrangements or blues songwriting styles. The album bears some soul and bravely, sometimes whimsically, touches on some personal attributes that are probably hard to speak out loud, and so Lorusso Jr. ingeniously transforms them into songs to get them off his chest.

However, the key aspect is that even such songs are presented with a light touch, which makes the entire album more enjoyable. What you get is thus the truthfulness and authenticity of songs that are about life experiences or emotionally driven situations in between light-hearted and whimsical tales, and that coherent combination is the whole vibe of “Formerly Promising.”

Consider a track like “Nothing Lasts Forever These Days,” which, in my opinion, epitomizes Carl’s signature sound; the phrasing of the lyrics is quite simply magnificent and really allows the lyrics to sink into the mood, essence, and narrative, provoking thoughts and imagery from within the listener.

That is quite similar even with the track “Regular Place,” which embodies short and sweet; one minute you are deeply drawn into the story, the next minute the song is reaching its climax, and you want to get lost in it all over again.

If you prefer longer pieces, then the opening track “Nighttime” is a standout. This is such a meticulously crafted masterpiece that offers a cathartic listening experience. A hauntingly beautiful exploration of emotion and sound, this track is a prime example of Carl Lorusso Jr.’s artistic ability to weave a complex tapestry of musical styles and bold lyricism into a haunting and unforgettable melody.

“Formerly Promising” is a next-level project for Carl Lorusso Jr.; even for an artist of his caliber, he really does go above and beyond to ensure you have a memorable listening experience.

To experience this impressive body of work from a virtuosic innovator, follow the attached link and let the tracks you feel the most about making their way into your favorite playlist.

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