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Norfolk-based producer Cas has a new hip-hop masterpiece dubbed “Pretty Girl Anthem,” featuring rapper Oshea

A producer based out of Norfolk, Virginia, Cas is seeking to stamp his indelible imprint on countless records as he goes on to cement his legacy as the go-to producer. He is diverse and complex, and he has been doing this for some time now. That hands-on experience, flanked by his innate competence as a sound engineer, is what is going to catapult his career to the next level. He always likes to live through the beats, letting them communicate to him as he follows in their direction, inventing new ideas along the way. He is now set to work with his own artists to deliver nostalgic-ridden as well as futuristic tracks that are full of energy, good vibes, and uplifting at the same time.

“Pretty Girl Anthem” is his new project, for which he brought on rapper and songwriter Oshea to breathe life into the fully realized hip-hop melodies. The beats are modern and have a trippy trap feel.

Cas demonstrates his experience in the field by providing Oshea with a comfortable space to showcase his talents, and the result of that is something hypnotic and entertaining that can boost the vibe in any setting. The beats are sleek and slap like hell. The production feels dynamic and ambitious, and sonically, this is where Cas has got to go as a producer and artist.

This is just the beginning for Cas, who has so much in store as he seeks to quickly gain a reputation for the unique and innovative sounds that he will be engineering. Whether it’s a club banger or just a chillout jam, you can always anticipate Cas to bring something new and exciting to the table…when it comes to him, absolutely nothing is off limits, and that is what makes him so unpredictable and exciting.

As of now, Cas is working with another female artist, Tabitha Lee, on her new EP, which he can’t wait to share with the world. He is also working tirelessly to build a team of innovative and phenomenally gifted producers, songwriters, and artists to create a musical empire that will live on forever.

To listen to “Pretty Girl Anthem,” follow the attached Spotify link and let this hypnotic and catchy masterpiece elevate your playlist!

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