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Brimming With Danceable Quality and Marinated With an Exciting Sense of Elegance, Here Is Chris Padin’s Latest Single “Losing My Mind” Featuring the Vocally Talented Georgia Rose

The innovator and inventor of his own unique sound; New York City’s music Producer and DJ CHRIS PADIN who strives to be different from what the entire rooster is doing by focusing on pushing his music to a higher new level by bridging various elements from different genres to design a well-rounded, all-encompassing, original and authentic sound from which takes credit! He makes waves with different genres such as House, Future Bass, Deep, Progressive and Big Room House and EDM. He focuses on creating exceptional EDM, Deep House and Dance tracks with a modern sound and adds that extra unique and diversified quality that despite staying true to the original vibe of the Dance style, flaunts the additional and experimental sonic legacy backed by top-notch production and stupendous instrumentations that are powerful and stand to resonate profoundly with lovers of EDM and Dance music from wherever they are.


Staying true to his originality and capitalizing on his ingenuity, he made an astonishingly brilliant new track titled “Losing My Mind” in which he featured female vocalist Georgia Rose. To say this track is magnificent would be an understatement seeing that it boasts so much indescribable beauty that dazzles and whisks a listener to a joyous musical space with its lush melodies that makes time stop and overwhelms the universe for a few minutes with its finely-tailored disarming rhythm!

The powerful and charming soundscape does not waste time and begins right from the start with the tremendous bass tones, the stylistically warm and expressive drums and the EDM quintessential electrified and digital instruments fueling the track like some imaginative rocket space in NASA! The arrangement in the instruments suit that track outstandingly well and that dreamy spark to the track is added by none other than Georgia Rose who makes her mellifluous female vocals shine through the instruments delivering the catchy and dance- wavy repetitive hooks as some hauntingly familiar melodically harmonic motifs accompany her voice and stays with the listener even after the track is gone.

Overall, this is a solid blazing new EDM track that works just as well in headphones as it does on the dance floor. It has just the right amount of intriguing dose and flair to have you coming back for more! “Losing My Mind” is out on all streaming platforms. Make sure to stream it, save and favorite it under your playlist and above all share it for more loyal fans to be inducted into PADIN’s Dance music hall of fame.

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