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Hip hop artist and producer Chughey’s new “S.M.I.L.E.” EP is now streaming on all the popular platforms.

Musical art has always been his passion, and the pen is his tool. Through the experience he has gained over the years, Michigan-based hip hop musician and engineer Chughey has learned what it takes to create hit music. He always sees music as art and as an outlet for emotional tensions, with his eclectic musical palette ranging from classical to hip-hop and everything in between. When you mix all these ingredients, it’s a one-of-a-kind cathartic experience that cuts across several sounds.

“S.M.I.L.E.”  is Chughey’s latest 4-track EP that sees him breathe new life into the scene of every track by marrying crisp rhythms over a stellar production.

This EP came from when he was in a very dark place mentally, physically, and emotionally, and consists of emotional tracks that cover genuine topics from mental health, and depression to addiction. Ultimately, in writing these tracks, Chughey wanted a listener walking through that dark alley or someone who has already been through the dark phase to find solace and resonate with each track uniquely.

I love the diversity of the tracks…it’s not purely rap music you are getting; Chughey goes above and beyond to borrow from other styles. For example, you will be made aware of the pop rock sensibilities and psychedelic features in tracks like “DEAD ON THE FLOOR” and “SMILE”

Writing from his personal experiences and finding strength in his pain and vulnerability, this impassioned performance right here will allow listeners battling similar emotional storms to find comfort.

Offering lyrics that touch on how sometimes we just put on a brave face, smiling on the outside while hurting and dying on the inside, the track “SMILE” provides a sense of familiarity that anyone who has ever battled depression alone can gravitate toward.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I kept going back to “HIDE” and “DEAD ON THE FLOOR”- I guess I resonate more with these two tracks.

Chughey is an unapologetic rapper who has been helping define a new sound, and “S.M.I.L.E.” is a shining example that demonstrates his limitless creativity both as an avid storyteller and musician.

To listen to this EP that sees Chughey come off as openly vulnerable, follow the attached link and live through this experience like a religion!

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