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African American Independent Artist Cody Tyler Has a Super Inspiring Anthem; “Work” for All the Fighters and Go Getters to the End!

Brandon Cody Tyler Mcroy who goes professionally by Cody Tyler is a man of many gifts and a deeply inspiring artist. Apart from music being his creative outlet, this gifted lyrist is also a YouTuber, model and an aspiring actor. We all agree that music is such a powerful tool and he found his calling in the unlikeliest of places which had him battling bipolar disorder and on the verge of committing suicide and with gravitation toward the solace that music provides, we are now talking of a fast-rising talent who was raised from the depths of ruins to the heights of belief and ecstasy.

To Cody Tyler, it is much more than the beats that accompany his music- he wants to save, inspire and heal souls out there just the same way music did for him. His lyrics reflect real-life situations that so many listeners can resonate with and one where listeners battling life’s emotional turmoil can heavily gravitate toward and find comfort.

“Work” is his latest banger and this blazing tune is accompanied by an equally heavy and meaningful lyricism that is deeply inspirational. This is an anthem for all those who refuse to stay down no matter how many times life keeps knocking them! For the ones who have been down before and rose up to their feet again and will always keep moving no matter how difficult the odds are against them!

The beats here slap like hell right from the word go unleashed from their deep-phased basslines with a luxurious blend of powerful drums and atmospheric synths. This does not hinder Cody Tyler’s mission as he jumps right into the thick of it, and displays lyrical ingenuity effortlessly with his smart bars delivered from his distinct powerful voice.

This is a straight anthem and a smash hit that is emotionally charged, relatable and delivered passionately by an artist who is on top of his game- lyrically and otherwise!

To get both inspired and entertained; follow the attached link and let this tune elevate your soul as much as your playlist!

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