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Emerging Music Producer, Covinos, Has a Shimmery New Funk-Infused and Synthetic House Anthem, “Got The Funk” Scheduled for Official Release on the 5th of August 2022

Covinos is an emerging talent based in Boston who is leading an incursion into the electronically infused dance world as he comes through armed with a repertoire of refreshing, synth-heavy and toothsome funk-infused house sound that will appeal to a massive number of global listeners. Covinos’ journey to put his stamp on the house scene starts with “Got the Funk”.

“Got The Funk” is the first single off his upcoming EP and this tune will get listeners on the dance floor with immediate effect. Expertly produced and lathered in style, this terrifically funky house track is one of those tunes that you’ll find increasingly difficult to stay still to; the addicting groove factor is high in this tune with its complex layered arrangement and sheer sonic flamboyance. Serving up as a tantalizing display of super-fly melodic excitement, it is also rhythmically tight and has that pulse-raising synthetic quality that every energetic house track should possess.

There is an intriguing way about the robotic integration of the male vocals that complement the dazzling instrumentation with the way they soulfully and captivatingly bellow the song’s title throughout the track’s 3 minutes and 7 seconds length! Every distinct groove has been allowed a distinct melodic space to breathe within the arrangement, helping to create an organic flow to the track’s many invigorating phrases.

This is an invitation to mark 5th August on your calendar as you prepare for an instant favorite that will leave a lasting impression on you!

Follow Covinos on the attached socials so as to keep tabs on when he releases this tune and his future endeavors!

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