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Louisiana rap engineer D-Lain has everyone “Zoned Out” with his latest EP!

The art of emceeing is really underrated and, to some extent, undervalued. Some of the hip-hop artists out here have been hiding behind beats and milking the mumble rap dry without the slightest concern for the well-being of their listeners’ eardrums, because much of that stuff should be deemed unhealthy. When it comes to authentic underground rap that is founded on lyrical innovation, no one does it quite like Louisiana-based influencer D-Lain; he is raw, honest, and innovative with a swift way with his words that cannot be denied even by the godfather of haters. It is no surprise that his unique lyrical fluidity has earned him an up-and-coming notice among the south coast rap scene.

His “Zone Out” single, featuring the phenomenal R&B vocalist Symone, grew its own wings and flew like an eagle—so high in the sky that it inspired another set of birds to join in that sky-high ambition (metaphorically). That is how a 6-piece collection dubbed “Zoned Out” was born. And this, I have to admit, feels like the crown jewel of D-Lain’s impeccable artistry—this is just a next-level project, even for someone of his limitless standards.

There is a whole lot for hip-hop devotees to enjoy from this epic collection that has been founded on true underground art, offering nothing but a refreshing escapade of lyrical showcase from the first track all the way to the last one…when you listen to this project in its entirety, it actually dawns on you how few artists make music like this…talent like this has been few and far between, which is why we need to give artists like D-Lain their flowers while they can still smell them for going above and beyond to restore the lost glory of underground rap!

“Bartender” really did leave quite an indelible impression on me; everything about this track points to a potential platinum record. The chorus is infectious, and the way D-Lain is calm, composed, and effective over the nostalgic beats comes like an epiphany to any listener—this is like a deep revelation of how good D-Lain actually is. And this performance right here is more than enough to hand him his OG status!

“Riverfront” is another undeniable masterpiece with top 40 potential written all over it. This track sees D-Lain bring guest lyricist Tajh Spikes to the negotiation table, and he proves his business worth with some profit-winning lyrical deliveries that augment the impact of this banger tenfold. That drum hit at the intro does not go unnoticed. And D-Lain also comes off emotionally raw and honest with a first-class wordplay performance worthy of setting the mood on any occasion.

“El Capitan” sees D-Lain ride solo over the soulful beats as he drops an MVP performance over the mic with his extensively smart bars and clever switches of flows and raps. This tune is the very definition of a hypnotic showpiece.

‘Energize” is another vintage collection that sees D-Lain and T-Weezy M.G.M blend their musical tastes for one satisfying performance. At its core, the catchy hook “I keep doing it for my people, I feel energized” gives this track its anthemic feel.

By any and all standards, “Zoned Out” qualifies as a radio staple; all the tracks here are radio material. The time, effort, and work ethic that went into making this deserve global recognition…above all, that lyrical performance is deserving of a Grammy Award…as of now, D-Lain is just taking it one track at a time!

“Zoned Out” is now available for streaming on all popular platforms. And that is not all; D-Lain is gearing himself up for the release of his new project, “Louisiana Living” which he can’t wait to share with you! Stay tuned!

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