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French cover artist Paul Musique delivers a stunning cover of Daniel Balavoine’s “Vivre ou survivre.”

Daniel Balavoine

Paul has never failed to exude his diverse craftsmanship at every project he touches; building up a massive fan base off of the back of his exceptional covers to popular tracks, he has been able to gain a lot of traction in the French music scene. Following up the bulging wave of momentum that his cover catalog has produced so far, Paul continues to push the boundaries of his own creativity and self-expression, finding his place not only in the French music scene but also in the hearts of his cult following everywhere.

I fear I lack the words to convey the true depths of my appreciation for Paul’s profundity of knowledge, patience, and care on his cover of Daniel Balavoine’s “Vivre ou survivre”—this is one of those covers where the majestic grandeur and delicate introspection have been balanced marvelously.

Come to think of it, “Vivre ou survivre” is one of those covers that respectfully honors the original while using its innovative foundation as a spectrum to achieve new musical ground. Paul opts for that resplendently cinematic-feeling orchestral piece that is grand in scope and sublimely expressive in its execution to get you mesmerized from the start to finish.

The instrumentation is well chosen, detail-oriented, and fully realized to offer listeners a timbrally diverse and tonally rich palette of melodies from which to digest. The visually stunning music video adds that certain dash of flair to the song; the visuals are on point, and the mood of the clip really matches the kind of aesthetic that Paul intended for this particular cover—simply staggering artistry on display!

“Vivre ou survivre” is simply and amazingly bursting with both sonic elegance, variety, and warmth—what more does a music lover need?

To get a taste of this French delicacy; follow the attached link, subscribe to Paul’s YouTube channel, like this music video, share your thoughts in the comment section, and turn on the notification bar for more of this!

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