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Inimitable Producer Dead Cat Bounce Has a New Inspired Collection Dubbed, “Symphomaniac (Instrumental Version)”

Dead Cat Bounce has always possessed that niche for music production that is driven by his insatiable passion for both music and the instruments and that is why he always builds his sound from scratch without using any samples or loops-only utilizing an array of instruments such as the piano, guitar, drums, and other organic instruments for ethereally gratifying sounds.  His sound is also diverse as he is able to design an extensive brand that breaks the lines in soul, funk, R&B, pop, hip-hop, and many other styles.

He has a new collection; “Symphomaniac (Instrumental Version)” that was inspired by film music composition and moreso by Thomas Bergersen’s “Flight of the Silverbird.” “Symphomaniac (Instrumental Version)” is a 20-piece collection that features cinematically layered melodies that artistically build on from each other with the album still managing to maintain its seamless status as an original body of work.

“Chain Reaction” has a very hypnotic guitar intro that is bass embellished for a very infectious and ear-grabbing rhythm that keeps playing over and over a listener’s head even after the track is over. Chemically balanced and flexing its thematic qualities in genre and style, this tune breaks the boundaries present in pop/hip-hop, soul and funk. If anything, this track underscores Dead Cat Bounce’s consummate skills as a producer and arranger!

“Paradox” is mysterious but consistently expressive right from the word go where the drums and piano integrate for a very effective quality sound that intriguingly detours where the highlighted chorus section keeps entering and the more the track continues growing on a listener the more it gets familiar and one can predict where certain elements drop in. This is such a fascinating body of work, to say the least!

“Ride It Out” is a thriller with the rock percussion being flaunted from the intro and the track actually builds on this with the electronic percussion being unleashed to articulate a rock medley that punches through the melody with warmth and distinction; that integration with the drums and keyboard results in a full sound that is very emotive and cinematic to take you to a very fierce scene with an immaculate arrangement.

“Dancing in the Petrichor” has a very striking piano intro. It is a fun type of melody that inspires you to get up and dance with the spectacularly produced beats following through a colorfully laid rhythmus path and evolving into something of an earworm that you’d listen to all day without getting enough. This is the case when passion meets ingenuity and I am more than sure that many listeners will find this tune exceptionally intriguing!

“Tourists of the Caribbean” is another summer-perfect tune that is very arresting and the way it has been luxuriously stylized with the grand instrumentation giving off those holiday vibes will endear itself to you from the word go. This is that type of tune that whisks you and places you in a glamorous destination of your choosing as skimpily dressed waitresses serve you sizzling cocktails!

“Tension and Release” epitomizes cinematography from the head to the base. This is a film-perfect melody that takes on a role that keeps ascending in theme and storyline with the powerful blend between the piano, drums and other organs giving a very classical tune that is brimming with quality and character. This is the type of tune that keeps you on your toes and guessing what to expect next due to its unpredictable quality!

There is a lot more fascination and innovation even in the other tunes and I give Dead Cat Bounce his flowers for engineering such a masterpiece as this; follow the attached link so as to find out the favorite tunes to add to your playlist.

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