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Lose Your Mind to a Refreshingly Charming and Candidly Creative Soundscape as Upcoming Artist Dev Terez Blows Your Mind With His Single “Mind Right”

The sounds of victory ring from a distance and it is quite telling as the sounds get nearer and nearer that these sounds are special and unique – these are the sounds orchestrated by none other than Beloit, Wisconsin’s born and Michigan raised artist and songwriter Dev Terez coming through with a soldier of instruments and a commanding artistic voice that is in itself enough to change the course of the musical war! Having lived most of his life in the United States, he decided to relocate to China in 2019 for a fresh start and to also focus on his music career. Having been writing and recording music since 2014, he has now come of age and is ready to take the world by storm with his strikingly innovative musicianship. And to get us that feel of real power in songwriting and performance, the track “Mind Right” is the epitome of polished songwriting and boasts the backing of an accomplished delivery. Put your senses in order and experience a vibe and thrill like never before as Dev’s heartfelt delivery backed splendidly by his breathtaking voice lifts you to the realm of a sensual universe.

There is a certain qualified flair with the way the melodies are called to order, first slowly but strongly culminating with a haunting harmonic progression before and almost immediately taking a surprising turn with the deeply smitten and bass-heavy melodicism that is followed in dramatic fashion by Dev’s purely unique and powerful vocals that feel like they are personally addressing you. There is real power in his delivery and the track has been sophisticatedly embellished with some background atmospheric complex instrumentations that hold a listener captive and you wish they don’t ever let go. The truth is in the title and the message in the lyrics echoes that sensationally. In anything and everything, make sure you get your mind right!

Dev Terez featured lyrist and spoken word artist Keyon Clinton who puts the track to the sword with his fact-spitting vocal presentation like some musical Shakespeare. He reminds everyone that we only got one life to live and we ought to live it right. There was no one better to put the track to climax and I’m happy Dev Terez saw it fit to put emphasis to the real-life message by integrating poetic justice to it. Dev has made a vow that this is only the beginning and listeners are to expect much more uplifting and introspective tracks and before then, listeners are highly implored to board his latest ship “Mind Right” and enjoy the ride to musical heaven!

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