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Devorah Delivers a Profoundly Touching and Heartfelt Performance in “Breaking Through”

Based out of San Diego, CA, singer-songwriter and performer Devorah’s spirituality is her primary tool for creating cathartic listening experiences. Singing and writing from a place of both tenderness and strength, her raw vulnerability enables listeners to connect deeply and emotionally with her music. In a world that is more often than not riddled with strife and negativity, she wants to be the beacon of hope and positivity, spreading empowering and inspiring messages through infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Inside her resides a voice of many colors, showcasing her unmatched versatility. With soul, pop, and R&B as her musical foundation, she is also able to maneuver through different styles and sounds while remaining herself and at home in them all. One of the many reasons her ever-expanding fanbase continues to adore her.

Sometimes a song feels as if it was written specifically for you. It feels like it’s a chapter plucked out of your life. The way it speaks to you and touches you profoundly, allowing you to find your own personal connection with the word, makes you feel emotional while listening to it. Well, this is the exact feeling I got when listening to Devorah’s “Breaking Through.”

Through her emotional performance, you can sense that this song is more than just lyrics; it’s a personal journey. The way she pours all of herself here is bound to leave a lasting impression on any listener as they resonate personally with the deeply relatable lyrics.

Her heavenly voice powerfully glides across dynamic instrumentation, hitting all the right emotional notes with pure range and strength.

I love how smooth the intro is and how charged up the chorus is. The way she performs this reels a listener in every time and resonates with greater emotional depth.

Her empowering lyrics focus on overcoming adversity through resilience, determination, and willpower. Battling and triumphing over addiction, Devorah’s song serves as an ode to unwavering determination and courage, celebrating victory over life’s barriers.

A powerful and heartfelt performance, “Breaking Through” is a must-add to any playlist.



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