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Internationally Acclaimed Pop/R&B Superstar Dilan Jay Is Back With Another Tasty Ballad Titled “Forever”

Setting a footpath to a career that many only dreams of, Dilan Jay is the artist defining a generation as opposed to a genre; Jay has smashed records being the 1st artist of Sri Lanka heritage to appear on the US Billboard charts. He has made history going on to reach #1 on MTV’s Most Popular Music videos and has impacted the course of the modern pop/R&B with his instantly identifiable and idiosyncratic style. Jay has garnered millions of streams and is arguably the biggest new pop/R&B singer to emerge this decade. And behold; he is just getting started!

I can still feel the chorus in “Forever” still playing invitingly in my head; – forgive my manners, “Forever” is Dilan Jay’s latest masterpiece whose grandiose is simply inescapable. As I was saying, there is just a way the melodies and singing haunt a listener outside of this track- you get to relive within this intangible space where you just feel like Jay’s own voice that is being replicated in your head is your own!

There is still hope in great music and “Forever” is the face of it; bearing a love-inspired cover art, the track trickles down, smoothly from the ecstasy that only love affords and Jay’s lovely, smooth, sweet-talking and arousing vocals melt over the modern R&B beats like they were just made for each other!

His way of singing makes you feel like you have also never felt a love like the one he feels even if you have never been in love. The pure seduction his vocals boasts is not something you just get over easily; you might need rehab to counter the after-effects of the addiction!

I did not intend to keep you further from this alluring masterpiece; just follow the attached link and find time to thank me later for saving you from your usual music boredom!

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