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Taking Back His Place in the Musical Space, “Dizzy Scratch” is Back on the Fold Bearing Some Glamorous Gifts

Looking sort like a boxer training for the main event Dizzy Scratch has been continuously pushing himself behind the scene to materialize more of his potential. This Toronto-born gifted superstar is the founder of Magnetic Entertainment – a top-tier production house dealing with demo productions, song reviews, sound engineering, mixing and mastering as well as acting as a home studio for him and another artist. Over the years Dizzy Scratch has created a name for himself in the production space and has worked with heavyweights in the industries such as Nas, Madonna, TLC, Backstreet Boys, Seal, the O’Jays, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte. He now feels he is at that place where he shines that glamorous light on himself by concentrating and going full throttle on his music and his own productions.


Stepping into the main-event scene and taking in the unforgettable nature of the scene that envelope him, Dizzy Scratch is rising up to some standing ovation and waving through the abundance of exhilaration from the crowd below him: Inside his majestic booth that will electrify the inspiration of so many listeners across the earth is his almost finished EP – “The Art of My Noise!”

To get you something to lick your wounds the attached track “Tribal” which he featured Anoinette Roberson is just the perfect antidote for any boredom that might have been creeping in. It takes you back to the 90s where music was all about the party and its scintillating innovation with some sonic legacy of his own breathtaking experiments. The quality of the production is top-notch, with the big, powerful bass tones and a different spin to the melody.

The relaxing music focuses on calming the mind and soul through the use of profound, hypnotic melodies that create a pleasant ambiance around the listener’s surroundings. The song opens with ambient elements that gradually progress into a complex rhythmic tune that is accompanied by vocals as the song progresses. While driving down winding, dark country roads or thinking about life and your aspirations and dreams in the wee hours of the morning, this song is a fantastic accompaniment. It’s also a terrific piece of background music for a restaurant or for your own house.

To get a glimpse of what to expect, you first have to understand that his musical style knows no boundaries, it transcends any specific genre by waving through multiple styles and coming up with an endearing all-encompassing complete package that has that thrill of the underground hip-hop that has been crafted to artistic satisfaction; flaunting some atmospheric beat synths, heavy and booming bass lines, and the sparkling electronics – music that works wonders on headphones as it does on the dance floor!

Having taken some time off to be with his family and hone his skills, he now takes charge as a master of the universe boasting some much-needed experience and charisma which he hopes to infect on all those who will come in touch with his elegant and charmingly blistering tracks.  Go to your calendar and mark this date; 25th February 2022 – Thank me later!

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