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Your Favorite Dj’s Favorite Dj isizzle Is Back Again, This Time With A Stupendous Street Anthem, “I Get It In” Featuring Rap Lyricist Girl X Highlight

Dj isizzle’s ability to create a melody out of nothing inducts him into the legendary hall of fame of ingenious achievers; he is a man true to his art and his music resonates with groundbreaking impact across the heavens, he technically just hears a beat and conceives a magical idea, letting his brain control his thinking and his hands do the magic. “I Get It In” is an upbeat and lively electric dance track that has undeniable danceability. A melodic synth beat lays the foundation for the rhythm and groove of the infectious instrumental while a spectacularly sensational blend of other instrumentation and melodies particularly the rap electric bassline eke out the generational amazing sound. This is a lively rap-infused EDM, electro-pop anthem that carries all the elements of an epic electronic fused tune that is guaranteed to resonate with music listeners across the globe. The dazzling instrumental is complemented exceptionally well by rapper Girl X Highlight who remains comfortable while embellishing the track with her natural and technical lyricism, intricate flows, wordplay, inventive flow, and memorable bars to create a lasting impression on this ingenious production. Her flows are as influential as her passionate delivery, “We not making enemies…Got lotta friends in our premises…let’s rise…Seattle let’s rise…” are some of the educative bars on display. The melodic synth riffs and lyrics of, “Get it…Get it…Get it…work…work…work…” integrates with the electronic instrumentation to create a revamping sound that is rich of an impressive blend of rhythm and melody and as if that is not enough, has a potent and bold presence. You simply cannot ignore it, it’s everywhere!


DJ iSizzle is slowly but rapidly putting his distinct stamp on the electronic dance music and DJ’ing industry which is sure to continue for years to come. He has put the entire industry on notice and to confirm his stamping authority his 2021 “Halloween Mixtape Vol.01” is full of natural rhythmic texture, unique tenderness and unapologetic vibrancy made up to an emphasis of groove-oriented, synthetic, bass-heavy electronic dance music that is integrated artistically to produce surprisingly intimate musical compositions. What a talent!

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