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Italian DJ and producer Federico Rosa’s latest project, “The Party Is Back,” stands as a formidable testament to artistry within the genre!

As a producer, Italy-based Federico Rosa has always followed the same tradition as prominent producers who came before him. Ever since he debuted his single, “Soul Party,” back in January 2020, he has been on a meteoric rise, going on to produce the “Love Is Strong” EP, where he lent out his creative energy to the concept of each track that made up this deservedly acclaimed EP. Rosa has consistently been making music that is competitive as he pushes the boundaries of creativity and self-expression to continue making a mark in the Italian EDM scene as well as leave an indelible footprint in the house music industry on a global scale!

Taking center stage once more with a transcending house masterpiece themed “The Party Is Back,”  Federico Rosa once again proves that he’s got a good ear for sound design and that knack for hit melodies!

Federico Rosa manages to put together an electronic soundscape that, despite its nostalgic and versatile signatures, is effective in its execution and energetic in its performance value. Seamlessly blending a diligent breakthrough tech house sound that has the electronic heaviness and the melodic approach, Rosa puts forth an insatiable dose of progressive energy you’d expect from a tech house anthem.

Enhancing the track’s impact with the earth-shuttering synths and progressive tech house melodies, booming bass lines, and dynamically crafty drop-tuned vocal samples, it is beyond impossible to listen to “The Party Is Back” without moving your body!

This anthemic banger is another highlight of Federico Rosa’s incomparable craftsmanship. Since its release; it has been on heavy rotation everywhere, especially in the nightclub scene, with its party-ready vibes and melodic vibrancy appealing to dance music fanatics all over Italy and beyond.

To experience its irresistible charms and infectious vibrancy, follow the attached link and get the party started!

Federico Rosa – The Party Is Back (Radio Edit) by Federico Rosa

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