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Filo Beddo – The Handyman

In the beautiful state of Connecticut, a captivating duo rises to the top of the music business, bringing a mix of old and new styles to the forefront. As Filo Beddo, Jayson Prevost and Bryan Hull they are sound pioneers whose electrifying tunes connect people across time. Their newest release, “The Handyman,” invites audiences into an arena of eloquent speakers and rhythmic vibes, revitalizing the essence of 70s funk and soul with a contemporary spin.

However, “The Handyman” transcends mere musical performance; it represents a voyage through time, an ode to unbounded charisma and allure. As its captivating rhythms envelop you, the sheer magnetism and ardor of Filo Beddo become irresistible. Allow yourself to be drawn into a realm of disco enchantment, and partake in their celebratory dance. Let the melodies guide you as we collectively stride towards a more luminous future.


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