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French-based musician Fox Nigon has a new album, “Adsum” out on all streaming platforms!

In a world overflowing with rich talent and unrivaled high performers, why should you listen to Fox Nigon? Well, in a world of superficial lyricism and trend-grabbing art, this French-based singer-songwriter and performer walks his own path towards honest artistry and timeless songwriting, singing with his warm voice and exuding such high musicianship, enthusiasm, and sincerity that the music he performs is contagious and cheerful, even when he is interpreting a touching ballad.

From his latest album, “Adsum”- his 3rd studio album, it’s pretty obvious that he has a thing for timeless standards…lucky for him and the listener, he’s got the voice and phrasing to make his music sound fresh and relevant.

Throughout this genre-defying album, you will be made aware of the alternative, indie rock, pop, folk, jazz, electro, and even reggae sounds. The blues have also not been spared, as Fox succeeds on all levels throughout, making classic songs and vintage lyrics sound as if they were written specifically for him to communicate to today’s listeners.

I’m still yet to get over the impact of the masterpiece, “Good Vibes With You.”  This tune is simply a masterpiece in electro-pop music transcendence! The deep, driving beats and rhythms and the fast-paced grooves are the sort to have you dancing the night away in a state of music-inspired euphoria.

And true to the track’s title, all Nigon shares with his listener are good vibes as you enjoy the rhythmic vibrations with him. This hopeful masterpiece breaks away from the more sentimental, somewhat chaotic, and emotional themes of the whole album to offer a listener a feel-good listening experience that is wholeheartedly appreciated.

“Mister Fear” is another bona fide standout from this impressive collection. In ways only he can, Fox blends reggae and jazz, and the result of that is something raw, honest, and mature. His vocals are equal parts cognac and plush lusciously slinking over the crisp and polished melodies from the jazz-induced brass elements and striking percussive bravado even from that colorful saxophone that provides both sonic elegance and crystal clear polish to the mix.

“Mister Fear” also has a big chorus at its core that takes up residence in the brain of the listener for the rest of the day. That vocal call and response is splendid and pulls the listener into wanting more. This masterpiece is Fox calling out the atrocities being committed by powerful governments all over!

“My Girl” is an indie, alternative rock song that has been fueled by sad emotions. Fox delivers an ear-grabbing performance with his blues-infused vocal performance in a way that a listener can feel and relate to the raw emotions in his voice.

“A Day After” has been founded on strong drums and sharp funky sounding riffs and really is the perfect mix of attitude, messaging, and sound. This track is all about the cost of wars…in war, there is no winning, there is only loss!

The chorus part almost emulates an alternative rock feel that highly adds more interest and catchiness to the tune. This track is a no-frills call to action that is hidden underneath a very enjoyable song. The lively nature of the track helps give the message a lighter tone, even with the more serious statement.

“Drink Their Tears” is also another tune about wars—a short, direct message under a memorable melody that you surely won’t forget.

This album took two and a half years of blood, sweat, and tears and is one of the most accomplished works by Nigon. It was also recorded across three countries, namely; France, Spain and UK.

Props to everyone who made this a success, including British producer Matt Butler and Rob Butler, who was responsible for vocal production!

“Adsum” is now streaming on all your favorite platforms! Follow the attached link and relish this tenderly-nurtured, impassioned performance!

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