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Acclaimed MC and Certified Artist From Birmingham, Gumster Unveils New Single “Dem Fe Kno”

He seeks to not only play the game but play it right. He is a master of his own fate guiding his talent to inspire others. He is an MC, artist, producer and engineer hailing from the city of Birmingham and his musical style can be best described as lyrical education operating between a delicate balance of dance music, deep house, techno, and music for the rave culture. His music is showered with atmospheric melodies and well-thought-out concepts. Gumster has set himself apart from other lyricists and his songs are like a mirror reflection and give a real raw view of the world as it is. His music is an extension of his character and life experience. Entering the room with a cool swagger, his voice and delivery halt a crowd as he delivers an endearing booming track “Dem Fe Kno” delivered in a spirited fashion.


Beautifully atmospheric and saturated in a copiousness of absorbing textures and tones, “Dem Fe Kno” is one of those tracks that are so effortless to get lost in with nothing but your thoughts. The charming, mesmerizing percussions layered with deep-phased basslines backed by his Jamaican-twanging vocals are a major cause for exhilaration. The synth riffs have been exponentially done to give off a mature melody that is infectious in its rhythm and harmony.

And if you listen closely beyond those slapping beats, synths, and bass, there is a very sensitive message that backs up the splendor. Insightful lyrics about the politics behind the COVID pandemic and all the controversies related to lockdowns are some of the hot issues his lyrics touch on. One thing is for sure though Dem Fe Kno is the real deal and a conqueror “over di sea and ocean”

Gumster has done a magnificent job of crafting a reflective and highly captivating soundscape that is brimming with intrigue and full of magic. What makes even this track more thrilling is its evolutionary nature since the rich and sonically alluring stupendous piece of instrumentations used are continually evolving throughout its duration. Hands down to one of the generational talents whose mixing ingenuity knows no bound. Lovers of dance music and bass house ambient music will find “Dem Fe Kno” a staggeringly absorbing listening experience.

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