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Seizing and Savoring the Elegance of Simplicity and Endless Vibes Brought by Classic Rock and Pop Sensation, the Avant-Garde Pop Duo Hey Julis! Deliver a Transcendental Piece “Inspirational Thought”

The blatant wisdom stuck deep in our hearts appreciates the fact that being different is really cool and eccentricity is very hip and this was the case of pop duo Hey Julis! – made up of Tim and Julie who in October 2020 realized that a pop combination of acoustic guitar and saxophone could make waves in the melodic industry and their ferocious passion towards it meant that they had found their favorite stomping ground on which to impress authentically! And since instinct knows much more than intellect and intuition is often smarter than reason, they followed their sovereign selves which knew best and operated on possibility, their art has now become visionary – it’s simply unlimited! Hey Julis! Hail from Kiel a city in Northern Germany.

“Inspirational Thought” is here to fuel your joy and feed your bliss with the passionate performances integrated making a listener feel alive in the most mystical imaginable ways! This avant-garde pop medley that has rock and jazz seasonings open up with colossal care as the acoustic guitar spells magic charm with the attached bass standing in solidarity as the pure vocals radiate over this crunchy melodicism creating the effect of another shimmering halo!

The jump-like guitar melody in the pre-chorus audaciously spills over to the rhythms and melodious chorus as Julia’s lead vocals create a paradise within themselves and like an angel of sorts, Tim’s own backing vocals join in percussively forming a full orchestra symphony! The passion in the vocals is so perfectly synced with the music and the lyrics are bitter-sweet yet legendary. This is great music the vocals are not held back, displaying the emotions through the words is why you’ll have this track on loop for several hours as you absorb in all the fascination. What makes it even more intriguing is that a listener can feel and connect to the raw emotions on the show.

“Inspirational Thought” is now available on the major streaming platforms – follow the attached link to stream this track and adjust your inner frequency to the magic, mystery and mastery of Hey Julis!

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