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Music producer JaeHussain Drops Another Masterpiece Single “Kissing on Yo Body” in Collaboration With D.Maleek

Music producers work exceedingly hard, from composition to mixing, and are the foundation of any thematic production. JaeHussain, a rising Austin-based music producer, is inspired by her passion for creating compelling music from lots of genres. She experiments with hand-picked melodic parts from various genres to create a symphony of pure perfection. Beginning her musical journey at an early age, the talented musician has created some of the most remarkable and unequaled harmonic progressions and chord structures.

JaeHussain collaborated with D.Maleek  to develop a seductive yet dynamic track, “Kissing on Yo Body,” with the purpose of delighting the audience. The song exemplifies great diversity, incorporating rhythmic elements from R&B and Hip-Hop. The song’s amazing musical backdrop has earned it a lot of recognition in a short amount of time. She creates a pleasant, comforting soundscape with extended sonorous tones and a consistent underlying rhythm. The soundtrack is pleasant to listen to and can easily get you in the mood or for something to drink a glass of red to.

It has D.Maleek’s ear-pleasing smooth vocals and mind-tingling melodic tunes that vibrate the listener’s ear waves with their soothing impact. The song’s lyrical theme is about desire, as expressed through vivid metaphors and verbal imagery.

JaeHussain, believes in the therapeutic power of music and aspires to build a long-lasting soundscape for that purpose. Throughout her career, she has also published various songs such as “Incredible,” “Ordinary,” “Love You Again,” and “City Lights.” Her music reaches the spirit and emotions in some manner and leads the audience to a place of personal closure. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook to hear her music.


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