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Charming fascinator, Jai Humble, releases the official music video for her single, “LOVING ME UP”

Inheriting her connection to music from way back when she used to perform in the church choir, Jai Humble has witnessed all manner of artistic waves within the ever-changing music scene. According to me, she carries a certain vibe and feels similar to American songstress Janelle Monảe. Her voice is everything and the way she controls it is a lesson by itself that should be integrated into school music programs. She has a dazzling star quality to her that can never be dimmed and that is why her blossoming music career will continue getting better with time- just like wine! She has it in her to astonish the whole world- her innate charisma, unbridled passion, and stage presence all scream of a female superstar who is swiftly sliding into her superstardom.

She is an R&B and Pop queen though her versatility and ability to adapt consistently allows her to break through with style and authenticity. Her latest leading single, “Loving Me Up” is a lively and danceable afrobeat-inspired tune that exemplifies her eclectic yet grounded and honest approach to making music.

This is a fire hit from the top to the bottom and can boost the vibe in any setting and especially a summer party. There is so much lavish style in lyricism and melodicism to keep a listener fascinated throughout the track’s length. Talk about her pure, soft, and polished vocals of gold that swim over the instruments like beautiful dolphins jumping over the water and are in perfect sync with the cadence of the melody.

The spellbinding detail about the track is in the easily memorable and catchy lines that she flawlessly delivers without a glitch. Faultlessly gliding from the intro to the verses, the bridge, pre-chorus, and chorus and managing to dazzle a listener who is transfixed as to how perfectly the elements of the track feel that you just can’t help it but play it over and over again!

The music video is an absorbing affair by itself and you will be beguiled at how expertly the raw images of the people dancing to the tune have been amalgamated adroitly to design visual cinematography that you can’t keep your eyes off. And at the end of the tune, a viewer is treated to a special behind the scene-like film of how the dancing images were integrated and it is such a joy to witness. Absolutely exotic!

To savor in this addicting mysticism; follow the attached link, subscribe to her YouTube channel, watch and like this video, save it as a favorite and share it with people who appreciate good times and great vibes!

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