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Emerging hip-hop artist JameirKGolden’s latest EP, “The Dream Archives,” sets him apart as the rap artist to keep an eye out for.

Perhaps it is the undeniable hypnosis of the narcotic beats in “Used To Love You,” the raw intensity of “Between Us,” the nostalgic vibe in “1600 Forever Mantra,” the addictive nature of “All of It,” or the captivating energy and lyrical conviction in “In Hell Wait” that makes JameirKGolden’s latest EP, “The Dream Archives,” feel rare and transformative. Regardless, you are guaranteed to ride through a cathartic listening experience that is so surreal and visceral that you won’t want it to end.

For some time now, Louisville, Kentucky-based lyrical rapper JameirKGolden has been making his mark on hip-hop music, coming through with fresh bars over deft arrangements and superb production to gain an up-and-coming notice among the global rap scene. His Spotify channel boasts over 11K monthly listeners and over a million streams collectively.

As someone who has built one of the most impressive discographies in the hip-hop genre, his latest 5-track addition, “The Dream Archives,” is worthy of critical praise, and a vintage one at that. The way he was able to score the nostalgic underground sound and give that modern-day twist and his own stamp is why this action-packed masterpiece deserves to be on your playlist.

The cover art is super dope too—a pictorial representation of what inspired this collection—with JameirKGolden wanting to tap into that old-school underground rap and help the listener reminisce about what those good old days used to sound like, and I am happy to report that he achieves that 100%.

This is one of those collections you just vibe to and enjoy…in fact, feel the music—this collection pretty much puts you in a dream-like state where you just go with the flow, and before you know it, you are in your state of music-induced reverie for those precious 10 minutes.

This is authentic rap music that has been rooted in the traditionalism of the genre; everything you’d imagine in rap music is here: raw lyricism, pristine production, emotional rhymes, rapid-fire wordplay, and some catchy hooks.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, this is your chance to experience something bigger than yourself; follow the attached link and relish this exceptional performance!

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