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Is JoeliD Making a third album, Revered?

JoeliD Productions is on the rise, recently JoeliD put out a song called “Strangers”, featuring west coast rapper J.Vengeance & the singer CraterFaceX, which has hit the airwaves hard racking up over 50,000 streams. Before that JoeliD Productions put out a hit song for his fans featuring WashKO called “Don’t Play Well” which racked up over 65,000 streams. Both songs being singles and it being over a year since his last album Remix To Resurrect, which did decent numbers but as his singles and have followed up with a steady incline, JoeliD seems to be on the rise with his average fan base growing from none to over 20,000 in the last 2 years, it begs the question, is JoeliD making another Album?

Within the last few months, JoeliD Productions has become a subsidiary of J.P. Squared Productions, LLC. per Looking into J.P. Squared Productions, it seems JoeliD is co-owner with his father, Joel Pesce Sr. It also seems they have a multitude of children novels available on Amazon, JoeliD’s book Gioia Di Vivere, a game that’s in the trademark registry called Undo!, and a variety of other media. So will JoeliD be gracing us with an album under this new production umbrella? The answer is a resounding YES!

His fans have come out of the wood work to ask for a full length theatrical album and our source, a close friend of JoeliD, said he’s “heard some of the music and it’s his best work to date.” We discovered he plans on dropping the album February 2023 and the album will be called Revered. We also found out JoeliD does not plan on dropping any more music until then. The album cover has been leaked and his fans are ecstatic about the rappers third studio album because the album cover showcases what looks like a struggle between JoeliD’s personal life and his hip hop career.

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