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It’s That Summer Again as DJ/Producer Johan Davis Brings the House Down With His Latest Summer Hit, “Obsession” Featuring KEL

Johan Davis is a professional DJ/Producer who possesses a potent inventiveness fueled by his unrestrained passion for both music and technology. After performing in clubs for several years, he decided it was about that time that he got to dazzle the world with the limitless scope of his sheer musicianship and started releasing his own music. As we are talking now, he is a global phenomenon with more than 10,900 Spotify monthly listeners and his songs have gone on to amass millions of streams.

His music does not conform to convention; it resists the pull of the mundane by staying raw and real. He has formulated a perceptible sound with a production catalog teeming with a diversity of deep house, future house, tropical house, and vibrant EDM tracks. His songs tell stories- they can be fun and joyful, melancholic and sad, as well as deep and soulful. Davis is going to keep at this force of musical creation as long as he can (better believe that!)

Just in time for the summer vibes, Davis has come through with a certified banger and summer smash hit to decorate our parties themed, “Obsession”. Appropriate to its title, once you hear this staggering tune, you automatically become obsessed with it. There is a luxurious amount of stylish aesthesis with the instrumentation capturing the sonic variation and essence of deep house and the grandiose of that tropical house warm feel to make you feel right on the edge of a beach, sunbathed and enjoying the view of the vast ocean!

Groping the ring of Jupiter with just the stunning allure of infatuation, that hypnotizing guitar riff enters at the right time and haunts you for eternity- you just keep waiting for it to appear! The female and enchanting vocals by KEL were such a spellbinding touch as she complements this tune in theme and performance to ensure a listener is spoilt for choice!

So while you order that gelato on one hand and an obscenely large amount of bourbon on the other, dancing with wild abandon to the glowing melodies emanating from the beats, then it hits you that this is summer and you make it the time of your life!

Follow the attached link; stream this tune, save it as a favorite, play it on every occasion, and dance like no one’s watching to its affecting beats!

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