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Weaving a Colorful and Banging Tapestry of Sound Johndoe98 Takes a Listener to an Awesome Musical Journey in His Latest Track “My Eyez”

Johndoe98 is a recording artist from Columbus, Ohio who successfully mixes rap-fueled melodic inspired hip-hop breakthrough singles while blending impressive performances with his clear devotion to the topics that run through his music. Johndoe98 consistently delivers breathtaking performances that are rooted in both purpose and a copious amount of conviction, and the addition of his fantastically plentiful vocal presence helps inject his music with an attractive cultural flavor.

His current single “My Eyez” delves into the illusions of love; love so intense that it feels as if it was meant to be that every time you look the other person in the eyes, you feel as if nothing can separate you two. That kind of love you’d be willing to lose your life for, that kind you’d never give up in a million years. That kind of person who is destined for greatness!


Beginning with a highly charismatic and articulate guitar painted with Johndoe98’s subtly audible background emo vocals before they start growing and immediately followed by the irrefutable sense of deeply-layered instrumentations that are speaker thumping and make the heartbeat in ecstasy, Johndoe98 wastes no time capturing the thematic essence of the track with his clever and complementary lyrics sung with his deep and unique rap voice to the benefit of the way the booming drums, definitive 808’s, strikingly evocative beat synths, and slapping bass bounce off one another is magnificent, resulting in a rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic progression that considerably enriches the track’s melodic aspects.

The catchy and rhythmic chorus is the crowning achievement of this stunningly created song, and his genuine delivery with his vocals singing in part “Girl you caught my eyez I swear that I won’t lie…” is a lyrical feast for the ears, and you’ll want to listen to it over and over. The entire performance is outstanding, and it is backed up with a tremendously compelling and strong vocal delivery that exudes energy and maturity. To experience such epic levels of musicianship, stream, favorite, and share this track while staying a bit longer for some of his other wonderful work.

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