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Vallejo’s Rap Wizard KaJ Loud Delivers a Stunning Passionately-Flavored Sound in His Latest Banger “Shrimp N Noodles”

Bursting across the vast melodic seas and rocking the waters with majestic success like an experienced captain is recording artist and California rapper Ka Loud whose music identifies itself with the hauntingly evocative rap flavor melded with some lyrical dexterity to fashion a stylish sound that is radio-friendly. His trending top-notch produced track “Shrimp N Noodles” will quench your thirst for creative output and the stream numbers are coming in thick and fast having already amassed over 48.5K Spotify streams and more than 27K views for the YouTube video in just under a week! He is an artist on a mission who wants to create something different and fashionable at the same time. He wants to create that will withstand the tests of time and music that defy the current norm and gives listeners a different perspective and view about the way of life. So tell me what you see when you look at his life!

The track “Shrimp N Noodles” is a melodic apple to the ears with astonishing anthemic qualities and brimming with creative imagination that has been blended with that touchingly thorough beat synth that takes root and grows strong from within a listener’s heart and soul. The vocal interpolations delivered in that fluid bar drop speak directly to a listener’s soul and especially with the catchy hooks delivered in the mind-boggling chorus that takes a listener on a rollercoaster spin and on top of the Eiffel Tower!


What is more intriguing about this dripping sauce-kind of the track is the way it is melodically built from the ground up, with the swinging percussions at the intro followed by some complex instrumentations right before KaJ Loud holds the arrangement hostage with his equally dripping voice that is ethereal and satisfying, driving on superbly towards the heavy sections of atmospheric beat synths and the bass tones and drums and therein operating with this order of intense and smooth melodic moments throughout.

KaJ Loud proves he is game with some heavy bar drops as he lyrically assassinates with his trademark flows creating a lasting impression on any listener as they pump up the volume and put this effective allure on loop for several hours. This is not a track you get tired of listening to – it is endlessly delicious. To get a taste of all this finger-licking seasoned sauce, follow the attached link; stream, like it, save it as a favorite, and come back for more of the same from the chef KaJ Loud!

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