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Songstress Kayla Friend’s new impressively melancholic and deeply immersive single, “Valentine’s Day,” will be officially unveiled on January 27, 2023.

As someone who was born and raised in a creative environment, Kayla was always poised to fall on any side of creative art soon enough, and in that post-pandemic era where people were trying to dust themselves off and go again after the shockwaves that the pandemic had unleashed on humankind, Kayla slowly started nurturing her creative process to explore music composition, lyric writing, and genre knowledge. What resulted was indeed the discovery of a strikingly gifted musician who, despite never having recorded before, showcased all the hallmarks of a born natural as soon as she stepped into the recording booth.

While listening to her magically melancholic and ethereally fulfilling track, “Valentine’s Day,”  I couldn’t help but notice she possesses the kind of golden, angelic, and brazen vocals that are effortlessly powerful and ones that speak to the listener’s heart and soul.

A voice that is reaching for the crowns of her musical influences, Kayla certainly knows how to convey her emotions and in a manner that invokes some of the emotions from within you. “Valentine’s Day” is delivered from a hurting heart that is cruising at high altitudes of loneliness, and as is often the case with heartbreaks, it is trying to clutch at every straw of hope, no matter how faint it is!

While there aren’t any of us who can claim to be perfect and beautiful, Kayla Friend’s delivery in “Valentine’s Day” is a near version of perfect beauty!

Mark January 27th, 2023, on your calendars, and while at it, take it a step further by pre-saving this tune now and patiently waiting for what is promising to be a stunner!

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