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Independent pop female singer Kristen Olsson delivers an exquisite performance in her latest single, “To Let Go or To Hold On?”

The year 2022 led to the discovery of a songwriter who had not yet released on her own, but was the writer and voice behind a number of charting songs heard in the electronic dance world. Making her name as a sought-after topliner with a number of label placements under her belt, Kristen Olsson has now entered the stage as an independent artist beginning with her first release, “To Let Go or To Hold On?”

“To Let Go or To Hold On?” beautifully layers harmonies, finesses song arrangements, and highlights Kristen’s intuitive gift for making hit melodies. Fernando Familiar, a producer out of Monterrey, Mexico, assisted in writing the arrangement and producing the instrumental track. The song features a real live cello performance by Macaulley Whitlock which evolves, mixing real textures with modern sampling to create an energetic new sound. “To Let Go or To Hold On?” is an authentic masterpiece in pop and EDM transcendence. There is heart and soul in the performance which is what you’d expect to hear on the radio. Kristen’s effortlessly powerful voice is reaching for the crowns of her musical influences in this splendorous jam.


“To Let Go or To Hold On?” really is the crown jewel of song-craft. You just have to savor in the way the tune is transcendental; fashionably operating between moments of pop sensibilities and the more invigorating electronic qualities – picking up at the chorus endearingly.

The lyrics of the song represent a conundrum that most people in relationships face at some point or the other, to let go or to hold on? The essence of this song is a relatable anthem that is instantly recognizable. I have no doubt that this will appeal to the ears, hearts, and souls of a massive number of listeners across the globe.

To enjoy this glamorous tune, follow the attached link and let it boost your playlist from this day forward!

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