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North Carolina Upcoming Metal Band KVRB TRIP Bring the House Down With a Tormenting New Single, “Estelle”

Hailing from Swansboro in Eastern North Carolina KVRB TRIP is a 4-piece band that is made up of Darin Ivey who is the lead vocalist and plays the guitar, Taylor Ivens on Guitar, Conner Chisholm on bass and Corte Dixon who is on the drums. This band was formed back in late 2021 and has opened for national acts such as Saliva, Tantric, Eyes Se to Kill and Doyle (from Misfits). KVRB TRIP’s sound takes you back to the nostalgic golden era by fusing metal rock with an oasis of modern and classic rock for an indescribably near mystical sound that so many listeners will fall in love with.

The band has a new soul-stirring and explosive single titled, “Estelle”- inspired by one of the members Corte Dixon’s imagination around a spiteful spirit (Estelle) that can torment a person in their own home and one that transcends the physical form and pain. This is the plight of someone seeking peace from unseen demons which are driving him mad and is deeply relatable to so many listeners out there.

Essentially, “Estelle” starts slow in a laid-back and almost soothing melody that gains pace with time- a very appropriate depiction of someone who is being slowly tormented and with time, the malicious spirit attacks the whole mind; the vicious drums blend with the equally powerful electric guitars for one hell of a mind-boggling sound that is escorted with the fierce and hoarse lead vocals by Darin.

I saw a comment saying that this melody right here melts the face and I 100% agree with them- the official music video is out and it takes you straight into a horror film; a very clever complement to the haunting lyrics and melodies in both emblem and apologue. Visually stunning, this music video consumes your attention from the first scene all the way to the last.

I enjoyed how as the track progresses, the band unleashes a timeless medley of thunderous drums and rasping guitars that makes you want to literally lose your mind!

This is such a heavy and powerful track boasting of passionate performance that more than anything underscores KVRB TRIP’s indestructible chemistry.

To get a taste of this fire tune; follow the attached link, stream and save it as a favorite. The music video is also out and I highly recommend the complementary visual cinematography- it is every bit worth your time!

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