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Charleston-based multifaceted hip hop and rap artist LGP Ammon’s “Rise Of The Introverts” feels like the album of the year!

LGP Ammon is an artist who prides himself on his versatility, which allows him to connect with his audiences on multiple levels. He approaches hip hop and rap music on a more conscious level, which allows the listener to deeply meditate and introspect through the deep layers of thought-provoking flows afforded in his tracks. Simply put, LGP Ammon is no ordinary rapper; he is among the top tier of the rap roster, leaving an indelible mark with his style and flow.

“Rise Of The Introverts” is a 15-track compilation featuring a concoction of inspirational, thought-inspiring music and intimate and thoughtful conversations. This is no typical album; what you are getting is over 39 minutes and 22 seconds of a near-cathartic listening experience that is powerful and deep.

Listening to LGP Ammon’s music, one can notice influences from artists like J-Cole and Kendrick Lamar. As far as ranking this project goes, I’d place it alongside Nas’ “KID III” and J-Cole’s “The Off-Season”

“Rise Of The Introverts” weaves together elements of old-school hip hop and rap, with each track imbued with insightful and profound lyrics, born from LGP Ammon’s introspective journey of self-discovery and dream-chasing. He draws inspiration from memories that trigger melodies as well as a blank canvas that offers infinite possibilities for the creation of some of these timeless masterpieces.

That intro “Hopes & Dreams (Prelude)” is very significant to this project and is where a listener gets to feel the inspiration behind this project through that intimate, thoughtful and emotional conversation between LGP Ammon and his younger self.  This is where the journey begins, and the tracks trickle down from here, each escorted by a specific subject matter that is deeply entrenched in the album’s theme.

“Eyes On Me” features a stripped-back beat flow that is escorted admirably by Ammon’s conscious lyrical technique that comes off J-Cole-esque. There is also that vital element of appeal that is added by the backing choral voices, giving this tune a certain undeniable flair and distinctiveness that makes it stand out.

“Non Stop” has been embellished by an ear-gracing old-school soul & R&B vibe, which makes it all the more fascinating. The colorful drum line sets the instrumental standards and lays the foundation for the lyrical masterclass that ensues.

You’ve got to appreciate the level of lyrical dominance LGP Ammon unleashes in this track, as he comes through with some analytical bars, visual metaphors, erudite wordplay, and masterful flows and cadences. After this kind of performance, you really can’t blame him for shifting the blame, can you!

“Potential” sees Ammon bring guest rapper King Cutler to the stage, and the two go on to deliver an unforgettable performance. While this track obviously has so many strong points, I fell in love with those mellow guitar harmonies over the beats…they had me hypnotized!

Turning the “Blinkers” on with guest performer Sha AMG, LGP Ammon takes the listener into a world of his creation. And can we talk about those beats for a minute? Good Lord aren’t they just perfect and hypnotic. Right from the intro, they hit you and move you, taking residence in the back of your head and refusing to let go.

Coming through in the most poetic and creative way possible, LGP Ammon and Sha AMG definitely did justice to the melodies, showcasing their talent on these captivating beats.

The truth of the matter is that “Rise Of The Introverts” is quite an album that I have a feeling will stand the test of time.

To get a feel for this timelessly tapped masterpiece, follow the attached link and let us know how you feel about this impressive body of work.

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