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London-based artist Lil Murky is currently making waves with his “Tales Of A Loner” EP

Lil Murky’s music has been born out of his life experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly. What you get from this prodigious musician is someone who is not shy about expressing his vulnerability, ultimately finding strength in both his painful and triumphant experiences to make music that a lot of the heartbroken adolescents of this generation can gravitate toward. In a way, he is helping define and spearhead a new style of music that was popularized by artists such as the late Juice WRLD.

“Tales of A loner” is his latest 6-track EP that sees Lil Murky delve deep into the creative process to make these tracks a projection of a certain period in his life where he was and felt alone; sometimes he was content, but other times he alienated himself so much it was hard for him to seek help from others.

As he dives from one track to the next, this EP becomes a projection of a certain phase of his life—the very peak of that part of his life. While making this EP, he wanted it to provide solace. He wanted something that listeners battling similar alienated feelings could find comfort in.

The tracks seamlessly transition into one another without the entire EP losing its authenticity as Murky’s tailored delivery puts you beside him as the story unfolds. Coming through with his melodious sing-song vocals over the trap beats, Murky transports a listener with that hypnotizing concoction of futuristic melodies and his own crunchy vocals.

His effortless way of transforming tracks into anthems, as evidenced in one of my favorite tracks from the collection, “Lost My Mind,” is a highlight of his boundless creativity as an avid storyteller and performer. The way he rides on those beats like a rough-rider deserves unanimous acclaim.

“Lonely Road” gives that familiar sense of when you are walking an isolated path with no one to talk to even when you feel like it. That wave of bouncing melodies also adds to the likeability of this masterpiece.

What makes the “Tales Of A Loner” EP special is that you understand and relate to the lyrics. This, flanked by Lil Murky’s knack for specifics and passionate delivery, makes you want to put this EP on a loop and let it play all day long.

To listen to “Tales Of A Loner” in its entirety, follow the attached link and add the songs that you dig the most to your playlist!

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