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Epic Band Brothers Link&Chain Are Back Again with a Hopeful New Reggae Tune “Guide Me Jah”

When you look up the word sensational from the dictionary, don’t be surprised to find the band collective “Link&Chain” – for they exemplify fascination with their passionate artistic uniqueness that sits at the threshold of authentic brilliance! Link&Chain are a band of brothers hailing all the way from Jamaica and the group was formed in 1986 and still comprises the three original founding members at its ranks – only lately in 2015 was a new member Oneil Griffiths integrated into the group. They have made a huge name for themselves in the Jamaican reggae scene and have seen their magnificent work get featured in popular magazines such as Rock N Roll and Beat and Pulse magazine. What separates them from the other fold is that they have always remained true to their Rastafarian culture, faith and belief – making emotional reggae tunes that despite featuring an affluence of rhythmic elements, stay true to the message in the lyrics and do well not to overwhelm a listener with the overproduction like some other artists normally do in their tracks, losing a listener with the over-complication. Link&Chain make sure to always keep their tracks simple, melodious and meaningful when it comes to the message being delivered. Their latest single “Guide Me Jah” was not any different!


In this life we cannot make it alone or even alive without the intervention of the most high Jah – there is so much pain, injustices, trials and tribulations, mystery and other enormous atrocities that we may encounter and even the strongest among us may find themselves flinching and losing our firms step as all the darkness overwhelms us – Link&Chain are here to remind us that we are not alone in this fight. That though we may find ourselves in extremely difficult and uncomfortable situations, Jah is always watching us and ready to guide us provided we don’t give up and lose our faith like the system wants us to! “So much going on in the world today, Injustice, the suffering, the poverty, temptations will come your way, it’s not easy, you got to be strong and increase your faith, the system will cause you lose your place, let Jah be your guide…”

All this powerful, inspiring and moving message of hope faith and belief is delivered in glamorous moments of vocal unity between the lead vocals and backing vocals that are splendidly mellifluous and draws in a listener closer to the message. The guitar rhythms play their role to stunning success, the extra reggae percussion and the punchy drums doing just enough to make this a complete package that is ready to be delivered at the doorstep of a listener – and delivered it has been!

“Guide Me Jah” is available on all the major streaming platforms – rush to the attached link, stream this song, like it, save it and share with your friends and in your socials to spread this powerful message even further – let’s go!

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