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Oakland California’s mega hip hop star LJGOLD comes out swinging with “No Money” with Yung Ka$hBoi and Gucci Mane

LJGOLD is a household name based out of Oakland California and has been blessing his listeners with tracks that later become the soundtracks of their lives thanks to their raw honesty, maturity, and relatability. The fiery verses he laid on his certified banger “Motel 6” went on to earn him up-and-coming notice among the west coast rap scene. Before the release of “Motel 6” in 2021, LJGOLD had already appeared on a mixtape with legendary acts such as Nicki Minaj, Redman, and Fabolous. Now, he can add Gucci Mane and YungKa$hBoi to his impressive roster.

A lyricist at heart whose music is born from his personal experiences and real-life events, his music is much more than dope beats and glamorous lyricism, and that is what makes him stand out from the crowd.

“No Money” is a proper anthem with replay value and one that will get you amped up and busting some moves as you follow the beats and the masterful flows unleashed by these top-rated emcees.

Gucci Mane is just being Gucci as he colors the track with his signature aura and superstar vibes, ultimately providing that memorable hook that stays with the listener outside of the track. Yung Ka$hBoi delivers some provocative rhymes over the heavy trap production, adding to the delightful feeling of the track.

Making a decorated entry, LJGOLD proves his lyrical worth with some analytical and intellectual wordplay, freakish cadences, and visual metaphors, demonstrating his lyrical dominance and adroitness as a vivid storyteller and performer.

It also helps that LJGOLD has that kind of distinct voice that makes everything he is interpreting come off as delectable and exciting enough to grab your attention all through. LJGOLD is the kind of artist that I feel can just rap about anything and make it sound great!

After that performance, it’s hard to argue that his bracelets and his watch are fighting violent diamonds cos they are, bro!

Having taken time for himself to focus on his mental health, family, and other personal issues, LJGOLD is now back and will be sharing with his fans his journey to recovery through his upcoming book and online articles.

Be sure to check him out on his socials, and don’t forget to stream his “Pull Up” album which is available everywhere.

To listen to “No Money” and add it to your library, follow the attached link and ride with it every other day!

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