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All You Have to Do Is, “Keep That Dream Alive” As Louise Cappi Takes You on A Motivational Journey in A Never-Seen-Before Musical Fashion

She is the best thing to happen to the world of Jazz, Blues, and Soul music, and setting the stage in her own unique way, Louise Cappi is a singer-songwriter and recording artist from New Orleans who is rapidly making a name for herself in the music industry taking over from her Late legendary father, Al Cappi who was an acclaimed Jazz guitarist from New York. Louise Cappi is not shy of improvising her sounds as she creates music that fluidly enters the realms of Jazz, Blues, Soul, rock, funk, swing ballads, and many more genres, conceiving her productions with the full intent of mixing these grooves to come up with something unique and emotional. Her single, “Keep That Dream Alive” from her album, “Hope” possesses an irresistibly mystical soundscape that is driven by the stylish grand piano melody complimented brilliantly by the resounding and rhythmic larger than life section of drums set and acoustic guitar giving the track an intimate feel and adds to its alluring charm with the attention to detail in its creation and production distinguishing it from the pack.

The smooth sensation and the patient build-up to the song is on full display as Louise Cappi’s well-arranged vocal tones capture your attention as you hang on every inspirational word she utters in her particularly crisp and delightful vocal range as she stretches the boundaries of her vocality sensationally to go with the pace and chordal progression of the melody. With the buildup of the tune rising into a tone of pure jubilation and euphoria in the chorus,

“Keep that dream alive

Don’t be afraid to try

You can fly

Like an eagle to the sky

You can fly like an eagle to the sky…” it creates an undeniably alluring rhythm that reverberates with unbridled energy that is uplifting with the backing vocals from the marvelous choir entertaining in ways that are both powerful and captivating. This is a soul-stirring inspirational track that has been blended to pure perfection with the mellow contemporary and jazzy harmonic music elements that provide a pure and artistic appeal equal to that of the insightful words that make up its theme. It is in her nature to make such mellifluous compositions and true to her words, Cappi is a genre of her own!

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