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Maria Pellicano’s New Single “You Carry Me” Is Here and It Is Absolutely Inspirational!

Singing to the heavens with an angelic voice is Australian-based singer and songwriter Maria Pellicano who despite possessing mammoth gifts in singing is also wealthy at heart with her mammoth heart doing more to uplift others and make sure their light is illuminated so brightly they can see the way to their future. She started singing as early as 14 years of age leading worship in church and also performing in shows at venues around Melbourne, Australia. She now has more than 16 years’ experience in the singing industry and through her singing school, “SingOut” she has actually been helping others discover and develop their talents in music. In addition to being a voice coach, she is also a motivational speaker, public speaker mentor, and author of the inspirational book “The Art of Powerful Communication, Aligning the voice, Mindset and Message” which can be found on Amazon. Her mission is to reach as many people as possible, and impact their lives in whichever ways possible within her towering reach!

She is now back with an absolutely sensational and emotionally touching piece of art titled “You Carry Me”. The melodies are smooth, sensual and affecting in their own way, supporting the deep message on show in the best possible way; careful not to overwhelm and let her pure and polished vocals command and steer a listener towards the moving lyrics. The guitar euphony is aesthetic, and the powerful message behind the lyrics even more fulfilling!

There is always a force stronger than ourselves and no matter the struggles we face, the adversities we endure, the attacks, humiliation and violence visited upon us- Maria is here to remind us that we must persist. We must never once stop believing. We must stay strong because God is on our side and when he is, there is absolutely nobody and nothing that can be against us!

The track opens and bustles through with guitar virtuosity and showmanship as Pellicano’s mature and rich vocals warmly flow over with efficiency and distinction- the message flowing out smoothly yet effectively as she delivers a heartfelt performance that stays with you even after the song is over! “You Carry Me” is exactly the type of message you need in this era where atrocities have permeated the world with the positive message on show nourishing your soul and healing your hurting heart!

“You Carry Me” is now available on all the major streaming platforms – Follow the attached link, stream it, like it, save it as a favorite and share it to spread the message of hope and deliverance!

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