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Mariah Glenn, a Carolina-Based Singer and Songwriter, Lets Her Voice and Talent Transcend Her Trials in the Heartwarming Song “If I Sing.”

Displaying admirable resoluteness in her capacity to harness ingenuity and inspiration in the face of her chronic illness and depression is the multitalented singer-songwriter, tap dancer, and pianist Mariah Glenn from Raleigh in North Carolina. She epitomizes persistency and determination to go for what she wants despite the plights she has been facing. I can only imagine how hard it is but from the outside, there is so much encouragement and inspiration I get from listening to an artist like Mariah who is more than determined to fight against the odds no matter how difficult they may be so as to not only pursue her talent but also inspire other listeners with such sheer level of unwavering courage and purpose.

The track, “If I Sing” is one of the most emotional songs I’ve listened to in a while; delivered from her own perspective about dealing with chronic illness and wondering whether if she sings the nightmares will go away or they will continue tormenting her, keeping her awake at night, this tune is raw, honest and emotion-filled.

The hauntingly candid piano performed with such virtuosity and passion gets us off this authentic tune. Her angelic vocals that are effortlessly powerful and crisp clean follow as she sings straight from the heart, with the somewhat sad emotions coming out perfectly through her own voice.

She has a very likable and soothing voice and in this track, she exercises exemplary vocal control and the way she performs the pre-chorus leading to the chorus touches the core elements of your heart in indescribably magical ways.

This is an honest display of her own life and the struggles her chronic illness has brought as well as the undeterred attitude to keep pushing by Mariah and not let the anguish win over her passion in art.

This powerful tune is an easy recommendation for there are absolutely so many emotions in here that will be felt even by emotionally stable persons- follow the attached link so as to stream, save and share, “If I Sing”

She has an upcoming EP, “I Feel A Lot” that is scheduled for early January 2023 release and as she is a tap dancer, there’s actually going to be a single off of the EP where all the percussion will be played with her tap shoes- I honestly can’t wait for this!

Follow Mariah so as to be part of this more than inspiring journey she has been on for a while now as she seeks to astonish the world and motivate listeners with such towering depth and mammoth heart she possesses.

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