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Singer-Songwriter Mariah Glenn Delivers a Very Melancholic and Emotionally Moving Track Dubbed, “No Oxygen”

Apart from being a phenomenally gifted singer and songwriter, Mariah Glenn who hails from Raleigh, North Carolina is also a virtuosic pianist, tap dancer and tap dancer teacher who epitomizes bravery even in the face of adversity. Her journey has not been an entirely smooth ride seeing that she suffers from chronic illness which has always gotten in the way of her singing career but she has remained strong like a Viking, fighting through the whole battle and she is really winning with tracks like, “If I Sing” displaying her rise from the depths of despair to the heights of inspiration!

The tune, “No Oxygen” will deeply resonate with those who have had turbulent relationships with their parents- delivered from her own experience with her mom whom they hadn’t been in communication in three years, Mariah wonders how she’s supposed to live through when haunted by the ghost of her. The lines, “It’s like I’m breathing but I’m not getting any Oxygen” are very powerful and echo the gist of this emotional tune.

“No Oxygen” is piano dominant with the euphonious wave being complemented by her raw and emotional vocals. She really does put her heart and soul out in this touching performance and the way she nails every bit of performance in here will move you and ignite some emotions from within your heart. The lines, “I don’t know what to do when I can’t call you and tell you Happy Mother’s Day I love you” really got to me!

This is a sad and somewhat therapeutic tune that many listeners can of course gravitate toward and find such solace and comfort from her own words.

To stream, save and share, “No Oxygen”, follow the attached Spotify link. There is so much in store for Mariah as she will be releasing her debut EP, “I Feel A Lot” at the beginning of January 2023 and there will be surprises in there including a track colored in dominant tap dance percussion. This is exactly where you need to be to support her and gather such inspiration to always go for what you were meant to despite the challenges that may come in the way!

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