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Germany-based Tech House maestro MARK US brings a level of authenticity to a timeless hit of escapism dubbed “Power Of House Music – Radio Edit”

When you press play and that impressive blend of rhythm and melody in “Power Of House Music – Radio Edit” jumps at you, you surrender control and allow Tech House maestro MARK US to take you on an invigorating and stimulating journey with this meticulously crafted and top-notch produced body of work that is best enjoyed with a listener on their feet, in that state of music-inspired delirium, dancing the night away with carefree abandon…what’s not to like about this, ladies and gentlemen?

And this is what MARK US’ expanding repertoire of fans have come to expect from this artist and producer with hands of gold and nerves of steel with the way he ingeniously invests in electronic dance music production with such indefatigable inventive finesse; effortlessly embracing a ‘no rules’ approach to create music that is both unique and easily accessible; “Power Of House Music” is a grand example of that.

The fast-paced and deep-driving beats blend gracious maturity and production courtesy with enchanting vocal fragments to fashion an undeniable tech house masterclass that is both refreshingly imaginative and unforgivingly impactful.

This intriguing blend of hypnotic rhythms, melodies, and vocals makes you want to move; its alluring and unpredictable nature is guaranteed to captivate you.

“Power of House Music” is quite simply a masterpiece in house music transcendence and such a worthy addition to MARK US’ impressive music catalog. This track is certain to propel MARK US to superstardom…so far, the track has been pulling quite some impressive numbers on various digital platforms—enough proof of its masterpiece quality!

To join MARK US’ musical bandwagon, follow the attached link to let this track enhance your playlist, uplift your spirits, and inspire uninhibited dancing.

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