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Impressing by Creating Synesthetically Textured Melodies With His Piano, Matteo Michelutti Stuns With a Classical Tuneful Sound “Gardens of Youth”

Matteo Michelutti is a renowned synesthetic composer and musician who has curved a unique music career with his rapacious passion and holistic approach to making music that speaks to a listener’s heart and empowers the listener to think with him. His artistic approach allows a listener to connect spiritually and intimately with him and drag them under in an instance so that they are operating on the same wavelength as him – and this cannot be said of the other regular traditional music that we have become accustomed to. There is beauty in imagination and he seeks to drift a listener to another musical space that is brimming with magic and mystical energy; a world beyond our thoughts where we get to experience heightened feelings and allows us to get out of our comfort zones explore the beauty of imagination and emotions.


 He has a decade’s worth of experience and some of his work has been featured in some short animated films. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Music and New Technologies and his training in pure sound music has been heavily influenced by the conservatoire’s classical environment which has equipped him with the right skills and knowledge to create music. His tuneful classical sound “Gardens of Youth” is well put together and agreeable to hear and is really a moving melody that helps bring the sense to life with the youthful wave of the piano taking holds of a listener and whisking them away to some explorative world comprising of gardens with glamorously colored tulips!

This is an exceedingly lovable tune – not just rich in melody but also wealthy in theme and meaning. The distinct hypnotic signature piano sound and riffs really create a very visceral listening experience and this adaptable tune connects a listener with the dazzlingly blended futuristic air and the lush components backed by incredibly skilled artistry and a fluid flow. The melodic switch from 1:25 was a genius move to allow those solo piano keys to drive the track towards its climax!

All around, this is the work of an accomplished maestro and Matteo once again proves his worth and showcases his unrivaled experience in creating melodies that stick and speak right to a person’s heart. “Gardens of Youth” is now available for stream – follow the attached link stream it, like it, save it as a favorite and share it with as many people as possible. This is classical and hypnotic music reimagined!

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