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Marvel in the Fascinating Works of Meg Williams as She Brings You Her Introspectively Alluring Album “Live and Learn”

Creating her own artistic lane and achieving marvelously at that, this is the voice of Meg Williams a Nashville-based guitarist, singer-songwriter, and recording artist. She aims to inspire many through her music and her sound and style encapsulate her emotions rendering her music timeless, provocative, unique, and ultimately powerful. This rising superstar was immersed in the music scene from a young age and has cultured her talents to what they are today. She has now taken her extensive music background on an inspiring path with the release of her new album titled “Live and Learn”, a 9-song inspirational project that impeccably resonates with the title. It is an astonishing collection of music that feeds the spirit, relaxes the mind, and engages listeners with its catchy and rhythmic grooves. Today, we are going to spotlight the title track which is also the opening song on the album titled “Live and Learn”; it is a magnificently composed track that exposes your musical senses to a diversity of sounds and an assortment of instrumentation that goes with it.

The track opens up to a marvelously suffocating hit of the guitar strings and the melody that ensues is particularly engaging as the many different guitars combine in gloriously intriguing effort producing and appealing winding and stringing atmospheric soundscape that immediately takes listeners into an intimate space and grounds their expectations for the track in the realm of country. It is then that Meg Williams introduces herself in decorated fashion, her female twanging vocals entering with a decidedly more cowgirl’ish-oriented feel and taking even further color and depth with the addition of the vocal harmonies for the catchy chorus.

The guitars play the lead vocal melody interestingly, creating vibrant and infectious energy all around amidst the supporting drums and what feels like a country Mandolin stepping out of the pocket with imposing flair throughout the experience. We have all lived and learned for none of us while growing up ever thought we would turn out to be who we are right now. It’s the beauty and sometimes the horror of growing up! Generally, this is a blistering piece of country in writing and performance with a sensationally powerful lead vocal expression and balanced guitar melodies to guide it home. Fans of inspirationally composed and thoughtfully assembled country, jazz, and blues will find so much joy in this piece and the entire album. All they have to do is stream, save and share it without forgetting to live and learn!

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