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Toronto Based Singer/Songwriter Megan Massey Is Back With Another Blood-Stirring Titled, “Good Love”

Megan Massey is a recording artist and songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Not self-limited to any one particular genre, this eclectic singer shines brightly over pop, R&B and funk genres with her harmonious vocals fitting perfectly within the realms of splendid instrumentation present in all her tracks. Megan Massey is currently on a campaign where she has been releasing a new song every week hilariously coining it as “Every Single Saturday!”

She includes a YouTube Vlog with each of her releases that chronicles the process of composing and recording the album as well as designing the album cover and other artwork. Displaying such admirable determination, I can already foresee a very bright future for her in the music business!

On that genuine escapade, she’s been on, she is back with a heartwarming single titled, “Good Love”- a very exciting and imposing tune that makes you feel happy and entertained. Her vocals here feel so sweet like candy and float over the prolific modern pop instrumentation faultlessly. There is a way the track gives you a happy mood and you almost wish you could hug its intangible melodies.

“Good Love” is the type of song that transports you to your favorite vacation spot while overlooking a beautiful beach! Her lovely voice combines intimate emotion with the warm and danceable orchestration, finished by memorable melodies, creating an amazing listening experience.

Personally, I thought the final beat was a fantastic improvised addition that gave the song a fitting crescendo. I have no qualms about promoting “Good Love” to anyone; it’s a catchy, well-written song with nearly flawless production and, of course, Megan Massey’s trademark, heartfelt vocal delivery.

Follow the attached link to listen to this certified feel-good anthem, stream it, add it to your favorite anthems, and share it with others in your close circle.

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